Special Wroclaw Tours and much more...

Tour No. 1
45 €
The church of Peace in Swidnica and Ksiaz Castle Tour
Discover beautiful structure listed by UNESCO, admire one of the most monumental castle in Poland erected in XIII century
Tour No. 2
98 €
Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
The salt mine complex in Wieliczka is World’s only mining site that had been in continuous operation since the 13th Century until 2007.
Tour No. 3
79 €
Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour
Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest concentration camp established by the Nazi regime and it has now become the symbol of Holocaust.
Tour No. 4
123 €
Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
Busy schedule? Save your time!
Tour No. 5
85 €
Częstochowa Tour
Our tour takes you to the place which receives around 5 million visitors a year.
Tour No. 6
45 €
Grodno Castle, The Walim Drift Museum and Jedlinka Palace Tour
Adolf Hitler’s secret project, underground tunnels and much more. Three incredible places and lot of history attached!
Tour No. 7
45 €
Kamieniec Palace, The Crooked Tower and Silver Mountain Fortress Tour
Admire the highest mountain structure in Europe, neo-Gothic castle and beautiful residence.
Tour No. 8
53 €
Henrykow Cistercian complex and The Gold Mine Tour
Discover the beauty of the underground world with its corridors curved in rock.
Tour No. 9
36 €
Jawor Church of Peace, The Myśliborz Gorge and Bolkow Castle Tour
Discover beautiful structure listed by UNESCO, admire breath taking monumental castle, discover the reserve of the nature.
Tour No. 10
65 €
The fortress in Klodzko, The Bear’s Cave and Śnieżnik Mountain Tour
Admire the beauty of the majesty mountain, most priceless fortification in Poland and most beautiful cave in Poland.
Tour No. 11
65 €
The rocky City in Czechs Tour
Discover the beauty of the natural nature, the labyrinths of rocks, mountain lakes and gorgeous waterfalls.
Tour No. 12
65 €
Szczeliniec Wielki, Skull Chapel and Polanica Spa Tour
Admire original landscape of rocky plateaus with sheer ledges and relax in Polanica-Zdrój the youngest health resort in Lower Silesia.
Tour No. 13
68 €
Jelenia Góra, The Vang Stave Church and Śnieżka Mountain Tour
Majesty mountains, unique wooden monument to ancient Nordic art and beautiful market square of Jelenia Góra.
Tour No. 14
45 €
The Steam Locomotive Shed in Wolsztyn Tour
This is the one and only place where workshops, machines, locomotives’ maintenance facilities and other objects of technical background can be seen fully operational.
Tour No. 15
69 €
Czocha Castle and Frydland Tour
Admire wonderfully located castle along the wide bank of beautiful lake and the oldest museum-castle in entire Europe.
Tour No. 16
77 €
Bohemian Paradise Tour
Discover variety of nature beauties bound with rich historical buildings: castles, chateaux and folk architecture.
Tour No. 17
45 €
Gross-Rosen concentration camp Tour
Be a witness of the history of prisoners who worked as slave labor for companies such as Krupp, I.G. Farben, and Daimler Benz.

Why Wroclaw?

Wroclaw, one of the biggiest cities in Poland, in the same time one of the biggest culture centers in Poland.

Well known for many great Universities Wroclaw has got a lot to offer - many museums, theaters and art galleries, The Raclawice Panorama (astonishing panoramic painting), "Cathedral Island", Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain...

The are many well known music festivals, which are organized in Wroclaw as well.

Last but not least Wroclaw has been selected as one of four polish cities to organize The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012).

Visit Wroclaw, take a Wroclaw tour and see for yourself the city that will be The European Capital of Culture in 2016.

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Ksiaz Castle Tour
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Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
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Grodno Castle, Walim Tour
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Szczeliniec Wielki Tour