Grodno Castle, The Walim Drift Museum and Jedlinka Palace Tour

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Grodno Castle, The Walim Drift Museum and Jedlinka Palace Tour

Grodno Castle, located in the north part of the Owl Mountains, at the top of Choina mountain (450 meters above sea level). According to traditional records it was built on Bolesław I and owned to the Świdnica and Jawor dukes until the year 1392. Afterwards the castle was owned by Bohemian kings;
In the second half of the 18th century it became deserted and gradually went to rack and ruin. In 1823 Johann Gustaw Gottlieb Busching, a professor from Wrocław, bought the seedy object and begun maintenance works. Stronghold's preservation was renewed after the war; the Regional Museum of Polish Tourist-Sightseeing Society was opened in 1965.It is an attraction for the visitor to see a renovated tower and castle walls, where there is a restaurant with castle fare.

The Walim is located in the north-western part of the Sowie Mountains. This region bore witness to a secret project, by Adolf Hitler, whose remnants tempt history buffs to this very day. In 1943, under the direct orders of Hitler, works of a huge level and enormous scale were initiated, under the codename Riese (the giant). They were not fully realised, and the nature of their exact intention, remains shrouded in a fog of mystery. Were they to be a facility for manufacturing or experiments? Or the main quarters of an underground command post?

Thanks to the establishment in Walim of underground tourist trails, we are able to see the unimaginable and impossible scale of these works.
The digging of these many kilometres of tunnel - through solid rock - claimed the lives of thousands of human beings. Jedlinka Palace - the Palace belongs to those few places of interest, which remained almost intact and today you can admire this wonderful residence. The history of the place began in XIII century, when a village became the property of Bolko I.
The Palace was repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt and reconstructed. Throughout the course of history, it belonged to numerous owners.

Was part of brewery, porcelain factory and many others enterprices.
In 1944 under the direct orders of Hitler headquarter of Riese project was establish in Jedlinka complex.

Departure point: Hotel/apartment departure
Departure dates: Daily
Tour duration: 6 hours
Additonal info: Temperature underground 7 oC/44 oF. High humidity. Wear appropriate warm clothes and comfortable shoes.
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