Henrykow Cistercian complex and The Gold Mine Tour

Tour No. 8

Henrykow Cistercian complex and The Gold Mine Tour

Place comprises the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the St. John the Baptist Church, the monastery, the farm buildings, the gardens and a vast landscape park with elms and oaks are all of historic value. One of the trees is 11 m tall and is 316 cm in circumference! The favourable development of the abbey was stopped by the invasion of the Mongols in 1241.
The monks of Henryków did many things for a living, among many, salt and beer making, milling, shoemaking and weaving, at the same time brabbling with the townsmen about trading powers for the things they made.

A very tragic time was during the Hussite Wars. The abbey was stolen away and burnt down then further destroyed by the army of castellan Zygmunt von Rachenau. Even more serious destruction of the cloister was as a result of numerous invasions during centuries.

The post-war years were mostly devoted to the restoration on the cloister's buildings and salvaging the economy. The abbots managed to bring back the priory to its previous glory. The cloister in Henryków became a very important centre of recatholisation. A full revamping of the abbey was carried out in the Baroque style. The main altar was created by a distinguished sculptor Georg Schroetter and depicts St. Michael Archangel surrounded by angels. The large picture exhibiting the Nativity, visible in the central part of the altar, was painted by Michael Willmann.

In 1945 the post-Cistercian buildings were taken over by the Polish authorities. The church and the northern part of the eastern wing were given to the Cistercians from Szczyrzyce who came to Henryków. The official approval of the priorare by the Capitulary of the Polish congregation of the Cistercians was in 1991. In 1993 a common novitiate of the Polish Congregation of the Cistercians was created here.

Discover the beauty of the underground world with its corridors, chambers and chapels curved in rock. You will admire chamber carved in the living rock, underground lakes, original mining tools, as well as traces of mining works.

You will see Gertruda Adit, a reach collection of maps of the mine, from 18th to 20th c, including the mysterious map of the Black Adit, old mining and smiths' tools, minerals, exposition of miners' lamps, muffle furnace – a laboratory furnace for melting gold, 18th century hand cart for transporting the ore. You will see Death Gallery –drilled in the upper part of the mine, with gloomy past. It was a place of punishing those miners who were suspected of stealing gold.

In the side galleries which used to be explosive stores now you can see a laboratory of J. Schärfenberg, a man who in chase for longevity potion discovered a powerful poison – arsenic. According to a legend it was the arsenic from Zloty Stok that was used to poison Napoleon. Do not forget to visit treasury where you can see 1066 “gold bars” which represent 16 tons of gold that had been produced here for about 1000 years – the period of active gold mining in the area.

The greatest attraction of the Black Adit is a unique underground waterfall. Deep under the earth surface in a small chamber water falls from the hight of 8 metres just at the feet of tourists splashing on their faces. From this level tourists take a 300 m ride in the Underground Orange Tram – the greatest attraction of the mine.

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