Jawor Church of Peace, The  Myśliborz Gorge and Bolkow Castle Tour

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Jawor Church of Peace, The Myśliborz Gorge and Bolkow Castle Tour

Church is beautiful structure listed by UNESCO. The Church of Peace in Jawor is one of the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe and a symbol of religious tolerance from the 17th century. After the Peace of Westphalia (1648), the Protestants in Silesia were allowed by the Habsburg Roman Catholic emperor to build three churches. Restrictions were that they had to be constructed outside the city walls, made of wood or clay and built in less than a year. One of them was The Churches of Peace in Jawor design by Albrecht von Sabisch. The churche had to be big enough to be a true place of refuge for the Protestant population. He designed wooden building that had never been seen before in complexity and size.

The church itself, although of a large size, is hidden behind trees.
The walls and ceiling are totally covered with white and blue ornaments. The floor of the church in Jawor is completely filled with rows and rows of wooden benches: it has room for 6000 people.  And this church is a Protestant one, however more exuberant than usual to be able to compete with the Catholic baroque splendour of its neighbours. There are no less than 143 biblical scenes painted on the walls, and an ornate high altar. A wonderfully preserved and original site, and still in use.

The Myśliborz Gorge - the reserve of the nature is a deeply incised stretch of the Jawornik creek, in the eastern part of the Kaczawa Upland, closed to the mountain front related to the Sudetic Marginal Fault.
During your tour you will be able to discover stunning views and experience unique local culture and diverse range of flora and fauna. Greenstone outcrops within valley sides attain 30 m high and form walls, rocky spurs and semi-isolated towers. The channel is locally cut in greenstone bedrock.

Pillow lava structures may be seen on a number of outcrops in the lower part of the gorge.  The gorge is a meltwater channel formed within an upland surface because of blockage of an old valley by dead ice, progressively deepened to adjust to the local base level. The abandoned valley filled by glacial sediments occurs on the upland surface, south of the Myślibórz Gorge.

Bolkow Castle - Castle situated on a hill 396 metres above sea level, whose slope drops sharply into the Nysa Szalona Valley at one side, and slightly toward the town on the other. An architectural curiosity of the castle is its wedge shaped tower. Well-preserved construction will take your breath away.

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