The fortress in Klodzko, The Bear’s Cave  and Śnieżnik Mountain Tour

Tour No. 10

The fortress in Klodzko, The Bear’s Cave and Śnieżnik Mountain Tour

The fortress is the most priceless 17th-18th century fortification structure in Poland. That unique fortification complex of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is situated on a peak overlooking the city with high of 369 m. Above sea level. The fortress once was one of the biggest strongholds in Prussian Silesia. Now, together with an extensive network of tunnels and impressive labyrinth of the underground corridors, excavated in the 19th century by prisoners of war. It is one of the biggest attractions of the town of Kłodzko, with its underground labyrinth and a repository of for different objects, from old fire engines to local glassware. The Kłodzko Fortress, looks like it did 200 years ago. From its top, there is a magnificent view of the Kłodzko Valley. The stronghold’s complex covers the area of 17 hectares. Its lower walls are 11 meters thick, and the upper walls are around four meters.

Discover the beauty of the underground world with its corridors, chambers and chapels curved by nature. The Bear’s Cave is located at the Snieznik Massif (Kletno) and is consider Poland’s most beautiful cave.

The longest in the Sudeten Mountains, the Bear’s Cave has three levels connected by so called chimneys and is 3,000 meters long. Bones of the cave bear and other ice age animals were found here. There are impressive dripstone formations, some of them are 45 meters high and 60 meters long. A nature reserve was created to protect the existing stalagmites and stalactites. Part of the upper level corridors can be visited with a guide.

On the way back you will discover and admire the beauty of the majesty mountain Śnieżnik ( 1425 m above sea level), you will be able to experience stunning views of unique local landscapes and diverse range of flora and fauna

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