Szczeliniec Wielki, Skull Chapel and Polanica Spa Tour

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Szczeliniec Wielki, Skull Chapel and Polanica Spa Tour

Szczeliniec is the highest top of “Góry Stołowe(Table Mountains)” part of National Park. The main attraction is the original landscape of rocky plateaus with sheer ledges, which has developed due to the specific tabular geological structure of these mountains. Nature has formed labyrinth-like passages among the rocks. The most interesting clusters of rock formations may be seen in the "Bledne Skaly" reserve and on Mount Szczeliniec Wielki (919 m. above sea level). The slopes and foothills of the plateaus are covered with spruce and beech forests, while the high moors with the marsh plants developed in places on the flat table-like tops.

Skull Chapel - In Czermna , one of the oldest villages in Kłodzko Powiat, there is a terrifying curiosity – the Skull Chapel – a sanctuary of reverie about life and death. It is the only such monument in Poland, and one of three in Europe. The chapel of Skulls is next to the clocks tower, fulfilling defensive functions formerly. Interior walls of this small, baroque chapel are made of three thousands human skulls, the ceiling is decorated by shinbones, and in the cellar, to which a hatch is opened by a guide, there are 21 thousand more skulls. This huge tomb makes the visitors shiver. Every skull, every bone is authentic.

Next to it, there is a monument with a sentence “Commemoration of war victims, warning for the living, 1914”. This unusual church was built in 1776 by the local parish priest Wacław Tomaszek. By chance, he found a mass grave of dozens thousands of victims of wars and a cholera epidemic in the 17th and 18th centuries. For a dozen years, the priest collected them, disinfected and stored. In 1804, the skull of the priest was also placed in the altar.

Polanica Spa
- there is more sun in Polanica Zdrój than anywhere else. The city lies in the direct vicinity of the Table Mountain National Park. Polanica-Zdrój is the youngest, but the most famous health resort in Lower Silesia. Medicinal springs became famous as early as in the 16th century. The water of Polanica was exported to distant places, and was delivered to ceremonial parties and weddings. A turning point in the history of Polanica was the year 1828. At that time, a Kłodzko-based merchant Joseph Gromls bought the town. He started to develop the infrastructure of springs and built a small well-room and a wooden bathhouse. At that time, Polanica began its existence as health resort.

Since 1875, the number of visitors increased. A treatment took 4-6 weeks and consisted of mineral water bathing and drinking. The discovery of new springs and the establishing of Polanica Spa management contributed to the growth of the resort. In the period of 1930-1939, the development of Polanica was stable. All over Europe, the resort was know and popular. Each year, a lot of people with cardiac problems were visiting Polanica. The resort has not lost its unique features until now.

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