Jelenia Góra, The Vang Stave Church and Śnieżka Mountain Tour

Tour No. 13

Jelenia Góra, The Vang Stave Church and Śnieżka Mountain Tour

Jelenia Góra is the antique city of the bottom Silesian calls the Polish capital of Euroregion Neisse. The market square is surrounded by beautifully maintained baroque houses. More than 500 years of history, amazing romanesque churches, renaissance royal palace and beautiful baroque architecture make this place very special. People come here to see medieval Market Square, with wonderful cafes and beergardens around. The City has its complicated history. The Protestants of the city were oppressed during the Counter-Reformation, but the second Treaty of Altranstädt, which allowed to establish a Protestant community center and a church outside the medieval city walls, brought relief. Great sacrifices by the merchant society, especially its most prominent member Christian Menzel, made the construction of a large church, modeled after Church of Catherine in Stockholm, possible. The cemetery of the church was the preferred burial place for most merchant families (largely destroyed after 1945). During the Silesian Wars the city was again partly destroyed, had to pay contributions and was seized several times. The detachment from Austria and the new border in the mountains to the south badly damaged the economy as the merchants lost a large part of their customers. Although Prussia took on substantial efforts to revive the economy they never recovered completely and finally lost their position during the industrial revolution.In 1871 the town became part of the German Empire upon the Prussian-led unification of Germany, as one of the largest towns in the Province of Silesia. After World War I, the town became part of the Province of Lower Silesia in 1919, and in 1922 became a separate city.

At the foot of the Karkonosze Massif, ruled over by the majesty of Sniezka lies the town of Karpacz. It boasts raw, picturesque surroundings, and the wooden Vang Stave Church a unique monument to ancient Nordic art originally built in vicinity of Vang Lake (Norway) then moved to Poland. Building material is long-lasting Nordic pine and construction is absolutely nail free, all the pieces were fit together using slots and grooves. All the ornamentation is related to the mysterious and fascinating culture of the Vikings. The peaks of the roofs are crowned with dragons heads, reminiscent of Viking long-boats. Atop a corner portal, there are two winged dragons, symbolising the struggle between good and evil. Stylised lions, on capitals, guard the entrance. Decorative semi-columns are encircled by trees, with the sculpted faces of Viking warriors, whose tongues are split. Runic script is found over the portals. Today it serves as an Augsburg-Evangelical Church.

In the 19th century the church proved too small and was sold. The Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm IV, bought it for 427 marks. It was outlined in its entirety, deconstructed and shipped to Berlin. In the end, the king decided that the church’s new home should be Karpacz.

Śnieżka mountain - is the highest mountain in the Karkonosze Mountains, part of the Sudetes mountain range, rising to 1,602 metres (5,260 ft) above sea level.

During your tour you will be able to discover stunning views of Karkonosze mountains and experience unique local culture and diverse range of spectacular fauna and flora with boasting breathtaking views of Poland's countryside. Thanks to its splendid natural scenery, its pistes and hiking trails, Sniezka is very popular holiday destination. During the winter time, plentiful snow and challenging slopes make for excellent skiing while the summer months offer hikers mountain lakes, glacial valleys and waterfalls.

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