Czocha Castle and Frydland Tour

Tour No. 15

Czocha Castle and Frydland Tour

Czocha - wonderfully located castle along the wide bank of beautiful lake. The venue was raised in the middle of 13th century thanks to initiative of a Czech King Waclaw II. There is no doubt that main attractions is a renaissance well called “The Well of Unfaithful Wives”. The Castle has the characteristics of a museum keeping the value of full access to its interiors. It creates an excellent atmosphere for the intimate contact with the huge monument. The medieval atmosphere, modern standard and the traditional Polish cuisine guarantee the excellent entertainment and unforgettable experience.

Frydland castle dates back to the 13th century and was already open for visitors in the 19th century. It actually is the oldest museum-castle in Europe. The Castle, overlooking the river Smědava is located at the foothills of the Jizerské Mountains. Behind a huge wall stands one of the most stunning historic monuments in this country, a valuable combination of two architectural phenomena - a medieval castle and a renaissance manor house. In 1558 the Frýdlant demesne was purchased by the Redern family, who in the late 16th century had some Renaissance alterations made to the castle and a new Renaissance manor house and chapel erected on a design by the Italian architect Marco Spazzio di Lancia. In addition, the Rederns founded a new school and a hospital in the small town, and records exist to show that it even boasted town baths.

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Tour duration: 8-10 hours
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