Bohemian Paradise Tour

Tour No. 16

Bohemian Paradise Tour

Bohemian Paradise - In this romantic area, that is situated on the middle part of the Jizera river, variety of nature beauties is bound with rich historical buildings: castles, chateaux and folk architecture. Exactly it was the reason why the guests of the Sedmihorky spa started to call it the Bohemian Paradise already in the 19th century. The Bohemian Paradise truly reflects the historical development of the Bohemian basin. Travelling around the Bohemian Paradise you shouldn’t miss the symbol of this region, the castle Trosky. Moreover, you should see the castles Kost, Valdštejn or Hrubý Rohozec in the Turnov region, Humprecht in the Sobotka region, or the majestic castles Sychrov and Mnichovo Hradištì.

You can admire two-storey Knight’s Hall, the Late-Gothic ducal chamber with canopy bed and the fabulous fire place in the entrance hall.

Departure point: Hotel/apartment departure
Departure dates: Daily
Tour duration: 10-12 hours
Number of persons 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Price in zł per person 1000 zł 545 zł 396 zł 324 zł 1220 zł 690 zł 516 zł 431 zł 1420 zł 790 zł 583 zł 481 zł
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Admission fees + +
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