Gross-Rosen concentration camp Tour

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Gross-Rosen concentration camp Tour

The Gross-Rosen (1940-1945) concentration camp was originally established by Nazi regime as a subcamp of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In 1941, Gross-Rosen was designated an autonomous concentration camp. The prisoners were employed primarily as forced laborers in the construction of the camp and in the nearby SS-owned granite quarry.

The increasing emphasis on the use of concentration camp prisoners in armaments production led to the expansion of the Gross-Rosen camp, which became the center of an industrial complex and the administrative hub of a vast network of at least 97 subcamps. Many of the prisoners worked for companies such as Krupp, I.G. Farben, and Daimler Benz. Jewish prisoners did not begin arriving in the main camp until the fall of 1944, with the evacuation of Auschwitz.

As of January 1, 1945, the Gross-Rosen complex held 76,728 prisoners. Nearly 26,000 of these were women, most of them Jews. This was one of the largest groupings of female prisoners in the entire concentration camp system. As Soviet forces approached in January 1945, the Germans began to evacuate the Gross-Rosen complex. Many prisoners died during the evacuations due to the lack of food and water. SS guards killed prisoners who became too weak to continue. Soviet forces liberated the main Gross-Rosen camp on February 13, 1945.

It is estimated that of the 120,000 prisoners who passed through the Gross-Rosen camp system, 40,000 died either in Gross-Rosen or during the evacuation of the camp.

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