Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Tour No. 2

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Discover the beauty of the underground world with its corridors, chambers and chapels curved in salt. Along a ca. 2,5km long route, while descending as deep as 125 m, you can admire chapels carved in the living salt rock, mythical, historical and religious figures sculpted in salt stones, underground lakes, original mining tools, as well as traces of mining works. You will be taken by our driver to Wieliczka Salt Mine considered a Miracle of Poland and since 1978 listed by Unesco.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is the most splendid enterprise of salt industry on Polish land. Historically, it was a source of polish fortune - nowadays this mine is one of the most willingly visited polish touristic attraction. When entering mine you have to walk down 400 steps in total. Take deep breath when walking because such tour is used as medical treatment helping in correction the breathing patterns and cleaning bronchical tree. The last stop in the mine is the souvenir shop and snack bar. From here, a lift carries you back to the surface.

After the tour you will be taken straight to your accommodation.

Departure point: Hotel/apartment departure
Departure dates: Daily
Tour duration: 10 hours
Additonal info: Temperature underground 14 oC/57 oF all year round.
Lift down - on request only - at extra cost.

Number of persons 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Price in zł per person 1078 zł 628 zł 481 zł 411 zł 1355 zł 767 zł 574 zł 480 zł 1605 zł 892 zł 657 zł 543 zł
A/C car equipped with air bags and safety systems + + +
Admission fees + + +
English Private guide's service in Saltmine + +
English speaking licensed expert guide assistance during entire trip +
English Tour guide's service in SaltMine +
English-speaking driver's assistance + + +
Flexible drop off point + + +
Meeting at appointed place - door to door service + + +
No hidden transport charges - all taxes and charges included + + +
Private car just for yourselves - no sharing + + +
Third party liability insurance + + +
Time flexibility + + +

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