The church of Peace in Swidnica and Ksiaz Castle Tour

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The church of Peace in Swidnica and Ksiaz Castle Tour

Church is beautiful structure listed by UNESCO with incredible baroque organ well preserved. It is considered to be unique worldwide. The Church of Peace in Swidnica is one of the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe and a symbol of religious tolerance from the 17th century. After the Peace of Westphalia (1648), the Protestants in Silesia were allowed by the Habsburg Roman Catholic emperor to build three churches. Restrictions were that they had to be constructed outside the city walls, made of wood or clay and built in less than a year. One of them was The Churches of Peace Swidnica design by Albrecht von Sabisch. The church had to be big enough to be a true place of refuge for the Protestant population. He designed wooden building that had never been seen before in complexity and size.

Ksiaz Castle - One of the most monumental castle in Poland erected in XIII century by Bolko I, the prince of Świdnica and Jawor. This Pearl of Lower Silesia with trails ornamented with roses and the trickling of water from fountains, cascades and waterworks is undoubtedly one of the greatest tourist attractions of the region.

It was erected in the 13th century.The castle was repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt and reconstructed. Throughout the course of history, it belonged to numerous owners. Between 1509 and 1941, the castle was under the dominion of the mighty House of Hochbergs. That period was the time of its great prosperity. Then, the Baroque wing was added and in the place of the demolished fortifications beautiful terraces were created.

In 1941 the castle was confiscated by the Nazis. Numerous historic chambers were destroyed. About 15 and 50 meters deep underground (counted from the surface of the Courtyard of Honour) the Germans bore tunnels, the function of which is a subject of reflection of many scholars even today. After the castle had been liberated, the demolition work initiated by the Nazis was continued by the Red Army. After the end of the war activities, the desolate castle was deteriorating.

In 1952, the first protecting and renovating efforts were undertaken. Their aim was to restore the previous grandeur of the castle. And finally, ten years later the castle went under the protection of the Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

This trip will be your most memorable experience.

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